Mar 19, 2013


Zbigz free premium account for you. Before i tell how to get zbigz premium account know about zbigz. Zbigz is a site that offers you to download torrent files without a torrent client.It helps you in downloading torrent files. With Zbigz you don't need to use torrent client to download files on PC or mobile. You can create direct download links of files with this website and then you can download it with any download manager at best speed.
Zbigz converts the torrent file download link in direct download link , so it saves lots of your time.
=> Zbigz Premium account Features:

Zbigs offer free and premium both accounts. Premium accounts comes with some advantage on free one.

=> Premium Account Download Speed:

Here is a screenshot demonstrating you the download speed of files on Zbigz premium accounts.

=> How To Create Zbigz Premium Account?
Visit Here to download the VPN.
Now run this VPN and visit and register a free account .
Now, click on Premium For Free and select Reward TV Giveaway. As you see in below image.

Below is one more screen shot take a look.

Now fill the form as you see in the screenshot below.

Now, click on continue and Now select any two games you want to play and click on "Play Now!" As you see in below picture.

And now give wrong answer(any as you like).

When you have completed the two games you were playing, then wait for 15 minutes for zbigz to become valid. Then, you would get your zbigz premium! Here is a look of premium account.

--> Now enjoy the direct download of torrent files with Zbigz premium account . Share this post and let others make enjoy Zbigz premium accoun t...!!

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