Mar 26, 2013


Airtel new handler trick which is almost working everywhere, ha sbeen online now and you can enjoy the free internet ON that network. Airtel network tweak is considered to be the best one, because this one supports both the download and upload at the same time and even you can browse freely without any glitches.
You have to define the Homage for your states, and must be unique and is available freely in your state. I will also be updating the Homepages which are free for the particular States.
Do Not try the old Homepage or addresses that will deduct your balance, only used the ones which are mentioned.
If this Trick work in your state then to avoid the Speed Capping or SIM Blocking recharge with the Video Calling Pack of Rupees 62 or 63 “Rates varies as per thestates”
=> Features of Airtel High Speed Real Handler:
*. Based on the default APN :
*. All the secure HTTP and HTTPS are supported.
*. No VPN and registration
*. Is also working Android and Symbian
*. This is only for the default Browser
=> Note : Trick is not tested in the PC. Just tested in the MOBILE and found it working.
You can also configure this trick via the UC Browser Handler.
=>How to Configure Airtel High Speed Proxy Trick
*. If you are using mobile partner/ Micromax dashboard then create a new profile with any Name
*. Now setup the APN as
*. This trick is based on the Opera Handler
Proxy :
or you can also
try :
Port : 80
*. Setup the Portas : 80
*. Now Change Settings in Opera
Real Host Handler
Proxy :
This Real Host based are confirmed working in the UP West and South States .
You Must replace the default homepage with the working one which is free in your state.
If you face any issue in configuring the Airtel High Speed Proxy trick then do leave a message and do-do Like US on Facebook ,to keep yourself Updated.


  1. is it working in kerala, i've seen this article in yesterday.You bravo just copied it.

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