Nov 28, 2012


Hi friends,
My new VB.NET application...
Easy UL2: Desktop Client provides you a Simple and Easy User Interface for Sending Quick SMS.

Minimum requirements:
- Easy UL2 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8...
- It requires .NET Framework 4 and ULTOO Accounts..
- Send Free SMS of 140 Characters to any mobile phone all over India using ULtoo Service.
- Easy UL2: Desktop Client provides you a Simple and Easy User Interface for Sending Quick SMS.
- It is a Stand Alone Application Only. Therefore It is directly access the Ultoo Servers.(So you don't need to care aboutyour account security)
- Uses web requests method for increased speed.
- 100% Safe from ur accounts and 100% Free form Ads.
- Minimize into System Try if you want....
- Auto update engine is integrated...
My Wallet
- Shows the Earning Report on every usage of program.
Send SMS
- Sending Quick SMS for Single Number..
Multi SMS
- This will allow u to send Sms to Multiple Numbers on a single click.
- Muti SMS also provides a Random SMS Service..If you want it.
- This will send Some Random Words as SMS. So That every SMS will be unique.(It will not be considered as Spam)
- You can also customize the Random SMS in Settings
- It is totally automatic....capable of managing Unlimited Accounts in single click..(Read how to use)
- Yes, Random SMS will send to every number...
- Earning Report for every account will be log into file.(See Log File)Log File
- Every click will be log into a file for your future reference.(Filename:"log.txt")
- Beware the log file also includes your phone numbers and account information...
- Customize the whole program if you want. (Do not change anything...if you don't know how to use)
- Coming Soon
How to USE:
--> First setup the program for first use (Only needed for automatic sms senders) <-- Downloaded file contains some text files.
1. First open"acc.txt" - (It is a account file u can put unlimited accounts according to your need)
For example:
username password
1234567891 example
2234565891 example1
3239667891 example2
The space between the username and password is very less(only one click the spacebar)
Remove unnecessary spaces and lines in the text file.
2. Second open "pnum.txt" - (It is a phone number file u can put unlimited phone numbers according to your need)
For example:
Don't spam the phone numbers otherwise ultoo suspended ur account...
Don't worry about the account phone no and phone no is same(it is automatically ignore it because ultoo can't credit if the phone no and account phone no is same)
Here also remove unnecessary spaces and lines in the text file.
3.Third open "mes.txt" - (It is a message file u can put unlimited messages according to your need)
For example:
Your Lucky Number is
Your Random Number is
Thank You program works very well
It is used for random SMS...
and One SMS (140 Characters) per line
Remove unnecessary lines in the text file.
4. All done start the program and login any of the ultoo account (Don't worry it will not affect any automatic SMS Sender section)
5. Just click start button...(Plz wait until it completes)
6. if u want minimize the application during automatic SMS Sender....(because depends on the account limit it takes more time)
go to settings tab -> click the minimize checkbox as checked and save settings...
and then click the start button.
Virus Report: (0 / 44 Detection)(100% Free from Virus)
Cick here
Download here
If you like,then please comment!!

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