Nov 14, 2012


Video Features:
*Video can be cutted to desired length
*Insertion of sound clip ( mp3, amr,etc . )
*Audio Dubbing
*Removing sound clip from video
*Live Dubbing
*Video can be saved into CIF, QVGA or QCIF formats
*After editing , you can see video preview before saving
Images Features:
*Images can be converted into video
*Audio can be inserted on the selected images
*Images transition into fade , pan, oval , circle , blind , checker , board , dissolve , split , wheel , diamond , uncover , bow and in random.
*The duration of story can be set to 2 sec , 4 sec or whatever you want.
*Images can be moved to give them particular order.
*Text clips can be inserted
*Background color for text clips
*Text color, Font size and style can be selected
*Effects can be added like sepia , blue , green etc .
What is new?
----Now, and png images can be converted into video!
--Option sort orde ris fixed! Now, you can select Ascending or Descending!
--The duration of image now can be set to 1-10 sec and, of transition, to 1-15 sec!
--Added more audio paths