Jun 28, 2013

→ How To Make Folders Invisible Without Using Any Software-28 JUNE 2013

Heya Friends ! With this simple Trick you can make your private folders invisible to otherswithout using any kind of software.
Basically Every folder Contains two parts, an icon and a name. So to make the any folder invisible you will have tomake both the icon and the name Invisible.
Step 1– Make the Name Invisible
• For Making the Name Invisible First Select the folder which you want tomake Invisible.
• Now Press F2 key then Type ALT+0160 and Hit Enter .
• Now you will see that the name of the folder has become Invisible.

Step 2- Make The Icon Invisible
• For Making The Icon Invisible First you have to Right click on the folder whose name you made Invisible.
• Now Go to Properties and then go to the Customize tab.
• Now click on the Change Icon button and Select any blank icon there.
Note– There will be Many Blank and other Icons so for making your Folder Invisible Select any Blank Icon and Click on OK.
Thats It ! Now your Folder is Invisible and only you know that where your Invisble Folder is located on yourcomputer .

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