Jun 30, 2013

→ Aircel 2G 3G Proxy Trick-30 JUNE 2013

Hi Friernds trickslive.tk is again back with aircel 2g3g proxy trick working in some states you can check for your state toooo....
As aircel is a newely launched company they are a litle bit slow in stopping the tricks working in their network.So most of the aircel tricks are working for aircel network as compared to other networks
Feature of Aircel 2G 3G Proxy Trick
*.Super Fast Download Speed upto 300 kbps with idm.
*.Unlimited Download
*.Works where TCP 443 is working
*.Based on VPN, so can use it for Long time
*.Premium High Speed Proxys
*.No Balance Deduction
*.Tested and working inMany states
*.No disconnection problem if problem occurs then use any pinger.
*.special host is given inthis config so it worksfor blocked sim also
Steps for Aircel 2G 3G Proxy Trick
1.Activate3GIn Your Sim.
2.Type Porxy-- 99.567.67.87
3.Type Port--8080
4.Type Apn--aircelweb
5.Restart Your Phone/Pc.
*.Enjoy High-speed Internet.

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