Oct 1, 2012


Hello, Guys Now its time to earn unlimited from ultoo without sending a single sms
I am the owner of this trick and this trick works 100% and checked by me as I am the owner
Here is Trick.
Here my trick starts
1. First goto any of your existing account in which you want to save your money. Now copy the referral code of that account and just log out.
2. Now goto a account which has no balance in it and delete that account.Now put the SIM in a mobile,which account you just deleted.
3.Now goto the referral address which you did copy from the first account.
Register your new account with afresh new SIM.
Remember the SIM in which you are registering should be fresh new, means you have not registered ultoo on that number.
4. Login to your new account, you will get signup bonus Rs.2 and referral bonus Re.1. Go to account settings.
You will find mobile number change option now change the mobile number to the number which account you deleted some time ago.
5. You will get a confirmation code, put the confirmation code and verify the number.After changing this account mobile number, delete that account.
WARNING , dont delete the account before chaning the accounts mobile number.
6. Now your new fresh SIM is again ready for registering.
Register again with that referral address and again login and change the mobile number and aging delete the account.
7.Do the same process again and again and you will get Re.1 per referral in the first account
(whichs referral code you copied at the process start)
Note: The whole process takes 1 minute to complete even on 2G connection.
So just earn as much as you want.
ANd please dont share if you dont wanna loose it
If you are not a member of ultoo,just Sign Up now