Oct 26, 2012


Steps for Airtel Speed Uncapping Trick
With this Airtel Speed Uncapping Trick you will get maximum of 800 KBPS Download Speed.
Note: You need an Android Cell Phone or tablet to Enjoy Maximum Speed .
Just Follow simple steps:
1. Open Settings on your Android smart phone Mobile Networks- Access Point Names Then Add New APN .
2. Then Use APN name as TricksLive.tk .
3. Enter APN as : airtelgprs.com
4. Most Important Step : In settings, Use Proxy as “any working proxy in your state” And Port as 80
5. Set Apn Type as Internet
6. Save this settings.
7. Make a Second Settings for airtel with apn name as airtelgprs.com
(without any proxy and port)
8. Use Usb Tethering to connect with pc or laptop.
9. Now connect your Vpn or proxy as usual. If speed lacked, just change the configuration settings to TrickLive.tk and if, TricksLive.tk speed will capped Use Default setting for airtel.
You are done!
You’ll see a speed difference between old speed and the new one.
More over you can Create more Configuration settings to keep your speed up to max

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