Sep 29, 2012


TTPOD v1.40 J2me Official Beta release En By Waryam Soomro (2010.12.30)
TTPOD Every day is a nice box set of mobile music player, sound, search, download and many other functions in one,completely free cell phone music player.
Most phone models because of their support and audio formats,support for rich skin download features and with harmony with the phone, ease of operation, management, human characteristics, by Muzhiyizu of all ages.Everyday sounds also strive to your demand-led, put your ideas into one. Features:
1.Supports playback of your phone.supports all audio and video (only sound);
2. Support play list playing and folders;
3. Support the collection of playlists, delete,modify, and other management;
4. Supports multiple loop playback modes;
5. Support the convenient shortcut key operation;
6. Support lyrics display and download;
7. Support the songs repeat function;
8. Supports sleep mode;
9. Support the lock the keyboard, alarm clock and other functions;
10. Support the replacement of the skin;
11. Has a file system, support for mobile phones in a simple file rename, delete and other management;
12. Support for reading mp3 external images embedded in thecover and background;
13. Support ID3 song information view and modify (only MP3 format), no garbled. Comments;
Phone software :software park speed and scanning speed greatly improved, is a good local music player.
Change Log:
1. optimization results page
2. sounds cool toincrease the skin black and lovely girl
3.Several bug fixes

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