Sep 29, 2012


This is an old trick.Its for those people you dont know about this.If you don't like the Timeline view, here's a trick,how you can disable\deactivate\get rid of it.
The Timeline view gets disabled only in your browser, other people will continue to see your profile as the default Timeline view.
1.Navigate your browser to ♣
2. Install the add-on\extension for your browser by clicking on the "Install now" button.
(Social Reviver is available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera)
3. Once installed, head to
4. Click on the button present at the top of the page, to the right of the"Home" button and select "SocialReviver Settings" [see screenshot below]
5. You will find a lot of useful features in there, but for now,disable them all as we are only interested in disabling the Timeline view.
For that, uncheck every box you see.Also set "Chat Style" as "With Sidebar" and "ChatTabs Style" as"Classic Style".
Click on the "close"button once you are done.

Thats it!
Now enjoy browsing Facebook profiles just like you used to.
Result :-
Before (Timeline)

After (Timeline disabled)

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