Sep 28, 2012


What browser are you using now in your Android? In 2012 and 2013 is predicted to have 5 browsers of the most widely chosen by the user.User considerations are generally due to the features available in abundance, and emotional factors as the fifth browser is a browser that is very familiar to users smartphone or PC. The following is the fifth browser. 1.DOLPHIN BROWSER
Dolphin Browser can not be denied isthe best browser for android phones up to date. The advantage there is to support add-on. And now supports html 5. Of testing onweb access with HTML5, dolphin beta browser to get the highest score among the others. You can search for information or download it directly on the following link.

Firefox for android made seriously. Development very seriously, especially in supporting plugin development. Each user will not under estimate firefox, with the great man of course the quality is guaranteed. Then on the following link to download firefox.

3.OPERA MINI/MOBILE OperaMini / Mobile is a well-known very fast browser. Why is that? Of course, since they use very high compression technology, so the browser will feel very light when accessing the web. Opera Mini also has a big name and the user with a number of very much. No doubt an emotionalbond with the user’s browser, since Opera Mini is the browser most identically with mobile phones. You can download opera mini on the following link

Chrome is a browser that is young, but be aware that this is a product of google. So in terms of quality guarantee and promotion of the user, the browser will occupy the top spot. New features continue to develop this browser. And now it’s become one of the best browser for android. You can download the chrome on the following link.

UC Browser is a dark horse among all browsers. Users have not had as much of the 4 browser. However, if viewed from the development and potential, UC is the best. Even the browser is crowned as the best browser by a website last year. Speaking UC Browser for Android is not goingto be too strong compared to UC Browser for Java. But do not forget the potential of UC Browser is a lot of fans, and probably will one day become the top standings


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