Apr 1, 2013


Few months back I had thought. how to unlock Huawei E1732 USB Modem.But as the competition in between the network providers keeps on growing Airtel is also providing 7.2 Mbps Huawei E1731 3G USB Modem. Today I’ll teach you to Unlock this modem. The heading includes solved and working because you will find many tricks over the net which claim to unlock your Airtel Huawei E1731 USB Modem,but they are either fake or not successfully working. The one I am going to show you here is 100 % working as I have already Unlocked my own Airtel Huawei 7.2 Mbps 3G Modem. If you are sure about you bearing an Airtel 7.2 Huawei E1731 Device then Read ahead for the Stepby step unlocking tutorial. Below are the Specification of the Huwaei E1731 USB Modem I Unlocked : *. UMTS 2100MHz *. HSUPA / HSDPA /UMTS 2100 Mhz *. EDGE / GPRS / GSM 1900/1800/900/850 Mhz *. HSDPA – 7.2Mbps *. HSUPA – 5.76Mbps *. SMS services *. Micro SD Card Slot (up to 32GB) *. Plug & Play *. Weight: 30g around *. Support data statistics *. Size Dimensions: Normal *. System Requirements : Windows XP SP2/SP3 , Vista SP1/SP2 , Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.5 & 10.6 *. This Tutorial is just for educational purpose and to Unlock your own Huawei E173X USB Modem. Don’t worry unlocking your modem is not at all illegal as you risk your warranty and your device while doing so. lets move on to our main theme – Unlocking Huawei E1731 USB Modem

You are gonna require some Huawei UNLOCKING tricks to unlock your modem. I got them on some forum, have archived them and uploaded for everyone of you. You can get them downloaded from the below link.
1.Download Huawei E1731 3GUSB Modem Unlocking Tools By Clicking Here.zip
If First Download Link Not Works Try Second One It Works...
1.Another download link for Airtel unlocking tools.zip
( Note : You have to wait for 5 Seconds and then Click on SKIP AD to directly download the file )
This archive contains five files as below :

1 – Universal Master Code
2 – Huawei E1731 Firmware Download (Downgrade – Unlocked Firmware )
3 – Huawei Mobile Partner
How to Unlock Huawei Airtel E1731 3G 7.2 Mbps USB Modem :
Step 1 :
Note down the IMEI Number of your USB Modem from the box or from the back side of your USB Modem.
Step 2 :
Extract the downloaded archive and open the first file named ‘ 1 – Universal Master Code. ‘ In the Universal Master Code, put your USBModem IMEI Code as noted in step 1 and then generatethe Flash Code and Unlock Code.

Step 3 :
Plug the Airtel Huawei 3G 7.2 Mbps E1731 USB Modem in your USBand let it complete Drive Installation.
Step 4 :

Open the second file in the archive i.e ’ 2 – Huawei E1731 Firmware Download (Downgrade) ’ this will replace your existing firmware and install the unlocked firmware version for your modem. The installation is automatic and safe if you follow all the instructions while installing it. Don’t worry at all about loosing your device cos if installation fails it backs up your original firmware and you will get it back but locked.
Also while starting the installation of the unlocked firmware it will ask you for the flash code. Insert the Flash Code you got calculated by Universal Master Code.
This will take a few minutes and then we move to the next step.
Step 5 :
After Downgrading the firmware. Remove the device from you computer. Now Install Huawei Mobile Partner, which is the third file in your downloaded archive. While the installation is in process, change the sim card in your usb modem, remove the bundled Airtel 3G sim card and insert any other network/carrier sim card you want to use in it.
Step 6 :
After you are done installing Huawei Mobile Partner and swapping the sim card in you USB Modem, open the Huawei Mobile Partner Application and then insert the USB Modem with different network sim card.
After the Mobile Partner is detects your USB Modem Device, it will pop up asking you for the Unlock code saying the device is locked.
Step 7 :
In the pop up box of Huawei Mobile Partner asking youfor the unlock code, insert the unlock code you generated using Universal Master Code.
Hurray Finally YourHuawei E1731 USBModem is unlocked. Now you can do your personal settings in your mobile partner and connect to the internet and use services. To check if your modem is successfully unlocked see if the mobile partner software is displaying your carrier name and is showing available network.
Guys, if your modem unlocking procedure is unsuccessful or if you are unable to unlock your modem due to some reasons, Then just don’t worry, we are here to help you out..!
Note : By Mistake the ZIP Archive you are gonna download is named as “Huawei Idea E-1731Unlocking Tools” instead of “Huawei *Airtel E-1731 Unlocking Tools”

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  1. Not working in New Airtel Usb Dongle. Its cs.. version.