Aug 19, 2013


Hello everyone, I met high speed internet in my s40 phone yesterday and I would like to share that with you all.
This is just a simple way.
Everyone wants to surf net in your PC, but belief me you will forget that.
So, here it goes, Connect your phone to Nokia PC Suite(in case on Nokia),Samsung Suite(in case on Samsung)

Since I tested it on Nokia and Samsung phone. So, I am talking about Samsung and Nokia
You can try and tell if anyother Company phone works.
Ok, after connecting your phone, go to connect to internet and chose the uncommon settings for your phone for connecting to net.

My was Aircel(Assam) and I tried Aircel Chennai settings(in pc suite) and that worked with high speed net.

In case another net settings doesn't work, then try with suitable settings.
Now, after getting connected. All you have to do is surf net with your s40 phone and experiencing high speed net. I didn't met high download speed with that but, try with yours.
so, best of luck. Enjoy if that work

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